Home Buying in Dumaguete City and Negros Made Easy

Do you ever have any doubts about the way you live? Are you missing satisfactions that should be yours? How easy it is to drift along assuming that your life is what it is and will stay that way.

You might be waking up each day dreaming of a home that is right for you. A home that would embody everything—your personality, your lifestyle, your life. However, you stumbled into the realities of life. Perhaps, at this moment, you were struggling in looking for an affordable real-estate property that can provide your family’s needs without even compromising the quality of living. Or maybe, right now, you were facing a number of bills, including your monthly rental bill of the house that could never be yours; or even you’re finding a place near the city or near your work place but still cater privacy and peacefulness.

Awaken with all these realities; you might realize that all these will be part of your wonderful dream—your dream full of impossibilities. Either ways, you get to a point of being hopeless and wish that you just stay home and have everything around the house.

If you think that there’s no way you can have a home that suites you best and will not hinder opportunities opening in front of your doorstep, well you’re wrong. Stop for a moment. There’s something you can do about it.

Instead of investing your income in renting a home or an apartment, why not invest your money to us—Philsouth, the pioneering real-estate developer in Negros Oriental.

Why Philsouth?

Philsouth Properties and Development Corporation have proved its prowess in building homes and developing communities through small-, middle-, and large scale projects both residential and commercial estates.

Since the company’s founding year in 2005, Philsouth has maintained its integrity as the province’s prime mover in transforming communities that provide safety and welfare among its residents; foster community building and stronger family bonds; and create an environment for children to grow in a community founded with love, peace, and happiness.

Across Negros Oriental, Philsouth aims in finding a new evolution in the Filipino spirit of living. It’s essentially a love of comfort, efficiency, and a range of ideas for living, picked up all over the world but used in a totally Filipino way. It’s the looks that translate in many ways in accordance to ones needs.

Moreover, Philsouth Builders, the construction arm of the corporation is ISO 9001:2008 Certified. 

Here is some of pioneering housing projects that suite your standards, your finances, and your way of life:

Affordability meets a well-rounded community.

With today’s growing population and inflation rates in all sorts of commodities, you might possibly think that a housing unit will be just part of your “I CAN’T AFFORD” list. Well, try to think twice.

Because today, the Northville subdivision located in Sibulan, Negros Oriental and is 15 minutes away from Dumaguete City—is a housing project made just for you. Northville units are reasonably-priced and require less maintenance.

Northville subdivision is very suitable for couples and families that are starting out for it has amenities that can foster community building and strong family bonds. Such amenities include tennis and basketball courts and a children’s playground. The subdivision is also soon to have a commercial arcade.

Another low-cost housing project that is suitable for those people who loved the other side of the country is the Tanjay Uptown North Village subdivision. Located at San Isidro, Tanjay City, Negros Oriental, Tanjay Uptown North Village subdivision is not just an ordinary subdivision. It is a subdivision constructed against a picturesque view of the mountains and a refreshingly laid-back view of the environment.

Here you can grasp that quality home environment does not have to come with skyrocketing cost. Now, your “CAN’T AFFORD LIST” will now turn into an “I CAN AFFORD IT”.

Nature meets with Luxury and Adventure at a fraction of the cost.

Amid the green lushes’ vegetation lie a mystical beauty that nestled on the slopes of Palinpinon in Valencia, Negros Oriental. It is a beauty engulfed with breath-taking sights. A beauty with valuable work of art. And a beauty surrounded by magnificent architectural edifices designed with perfection. This is what Tierra Alta Residential Resort is all about.

A mountain-side residential resort with the perfect scent of peace and serenity of nature combined with the heights of luxury and adventure.

Situated 800 feet above or 12 minutes away from Dumaguete City, Tierra Alta gives you an astounding panoramic view of the sea and neighboring islands.

With its wide range amenities, Tierra Alta takes you to another side of the world as you savor their world-class services they offer in the Greece-inspired clubhouse and pavilion; the lagoon-type infinity swimming pool; the restaurant; the picnic and bonfire areas; the lighthouse viewing deck and the cliff-side boulevard.

Create beautiful memories with family and friends as you try the enthralling feeling of zipline ride. Sports facilities such as basketball and tennis courts are also soon to be added.

All these, within a 33-hectare mega-development project with 24-hour security. You may avail of any of our affordable packages and get a discount of up to 25% on selected lots.

City meets Modernity and Contemporary.

One of the most appealing aspects of modern and contemporary houses is it need not be circumscribed by being crammed into traditional mold. It can look like anything you want it to look like without compromising design and style; comfort and space.

Azumi Residences in Dumaguete City is the total definition of what a modern and contemporary house is meant.

Close to the heart of Dumaguete City, Azumi Residences is a total convenience for a man who may take pictures far away, yet at home doesn’t want to waste minutes travelling to work.

Azumi Residences took its name from the Japanese word “Azumi” which literally means “safe village”. It aims to design a community of house owners who know that they have made right investment and who have utmost comfort in their home environment.

This is what Philsouth means; we don’t just construct a house. We create a home and transform this home into a community. And out of this community, we transform lives to be a part of a unified society.


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