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Philsouth Builders Inc.       ISO 9001:2015    |     AAA PCAB

WE ARE an ISO 9001:2015 Certified and AAA PCAB Licensed Construction company with principal office at Dumaguete-Palinpinon Road, Brgy. Palinpinon, Municipality of Valencia, Negros Oriental, Philippines, offering services in the field of Civil Works Engineering, Design & Build, Planning, Architecture, and General Construction.
A one-stop construction shop for all engineering construction works requiring specialized knowledge and skill, from design and conceptualization, land development involving leveling and earthmoving works, excavating, grading, trenching, paving, and concreting, to construction of roads, bridges, overpasses, drainage, sewers and sewage disposal systems, flood control, water supply, recreational works, industrial, hospitals, utility plants, and commercial buildings, and other similar works.

Office Address:

Philsouth Corporate Office, Dumaguete-Palinpinon Road
Brgy. Palinpinon, Municipality of Valencia 6215
Negros Oriental, Philippines

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