Tierra Alta XC Circuit Mountain Bike Race Challenge 2012

The first Tierra Alta XC Circuit Mountain Bike Race was held at the Tierra Alta Residential Resort in April 29, 2012, with five (5) categories, namely the Elite (no age requirement), Novice (29 year old and below), Intermediate (30-39 years old), Veterans (40 years old and above), and Women’s (no age requirement).

A fee of PhP350, inclusive of a meal, shirt, race number, and certificate, was required upon registration. First prize winners received cash prizes from PhP7,000 to PhP10,000; second prize winners received PhP5,000 to PhP6,000; and third prize winners received PhP3,000 to PhP6,000, depending on the category.


Tierra Alta Residential Resort is a project and developed by Philsouth Properties & Development Corporation